It’s Better If I Just Keep My Mouth Shut

On the outside you smile, you nod in agreement but inside you’re frustrated. You’re angry at yourself for not speaking up. You half way admire the woman who did speak up and got the thing you wanted but only a little. You’re more jealous than anything and mad at yourself for not saying anything.

Or maybe you live a life of denial.

You don’t ask for what you want because:

You don’t know how…

You assume the answer will automatically be no…

You think you’re the only person who can get it done…

Your words get all jumbled up and you think you sound like an idiot…

So to keep from looking silly or stupid you live with behavior that grates your nerve and every once in awhile you explode into an erratic tirade complete with fits of rage and lots of tears.

Phenomenal woman, this training is for you and a new way of living is soon to be yours!

Perfect Training For…

Women Entrepreneurs
Confidently ask for the sale, close more deals and increase your revenue.
Working Women
Communicate your needs and ideas clearly and reduce frustration.
Women in Relationships
Curb disappointment and stress by understanding what you want and asking for it.


Part of the nonsense taught to women was this idea that we should keep quiet. That we shouldn’t speak up for ourselves. That we’re not supposed to ask for what we want. Whether that’s in the workplace or the bedroom.

You know it’s the truth!

Ellis Chase, author and coach at Columbia Business School said this,”One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to assume that being productive, smart and working like a dog is going to get you recognition and compensation which of course is not true for anyone.” He adds, “Years ago a boss told me, ‘It doesn’t matter if you come in two hours before anyone else because no one sees you.’”*


This webinar will help you unlearn the lie, work hard, don’t ask and wait to be rewarded (get what you want). It will help you find the courage and develop the skills to confidently ask. You have every right to do so.

The goal of this 2.5 hour live training is:

  • Start unraveling what you learned about not asking
  • Identify what you really want
  • Learn three key communication skills to help you ask
  • What to do when the answer is no

*Source: Forbes Magazine


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Hey Everybody! It’s Lisa and I’ll Be Your Teacher!

I am thrilled that I get to do what I love to do! I I get to speak to and write for amazing women and I get to be behind the camera. All is right in my world when I’m on stage with a clicker in my hand or behind the camera.

This came at an extremely high price though. First I had to figure out that I was worthy to chase my dreams and then I had to learn to assert myself and ask for what I wanted.

Scary stuff.

At first.

Because like you, I was taught to let others speak for me or to just wait because all the good I was doing would eventually be noticed.

Utter. Hog. Wash.

That didn’t work so well for me and I suppose it’s not working so well for you either.

So I’m pretty excited that you’re here. I get pretty giddy when I see the light turn on for women…when they have their aha moments. And I can assure you that this training does just that. You’ll be on the path to asserting yourself and asking for (and more times than not) getting what you asked for.

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